The cuisine from yesteryear

For over 40 years, Ander Grones has been lending his hand to prepare the cuisine of days gone by, the one handed down from his mother Helene...

Instead of culinary art, Ander has always preferred to focus on the use of fresh local products.


In summer, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, vegetables, beetroot and many others are harvested directly from our garden personally prepared and cultivated by Ander.


In addition to the national Italian dishes our menu also offers typical fare of the Ladin cuisine, for example dumplings, barley soup, pork and selected beef, all meticulously prepared fresh every day.


Not to be missed are the desserts prepared by Patrick, our pastry chef who has managed the pastry kitchen for almost 30 years it is located beside the hotel.



is only available

during the winter season

Salad from our garden
Salad from our garden
"Casunzei" and "spinach dumplings"
"Casunzei" and "spinach dumplings"
Dessert with honey and nuts
Dessert with honey and nuts
A plentiful buffet breakfast.

An ample breakfast buffet awaits you every morning including:


  • white, rye or barley bread, biscuits, fresh croissants, plum cake and muffins;

  • homemade jam, hazelnut cream and honey;

  • cheese, cold cuts of meat and eggs;

  • yoghurt, cereals and dried fruit;

  • fruit juices, fresh cows milk or soybean milk

  • black coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cappuccino.


The breakfast buffet is available every day from


7:30 - 9:30



Since1989  "Genziana” has also been a pastry shop. 

Following the reconstruction in 1989 Hotel Genziana was enlarged and a new pastry shop opened, managed by Ander’s son Patrick.


At the age of 17 Patrick became proficient learning the art of pastry making from a master pastry chef and later honed his skills working in different shops in Italy and abroad.


Under his direction and skilled hands the pastry kitchen produces daily one of the best “apple strudels” in the area plus a delicious Sacher chocolate cake and the magnificent buckwheat cake with cranberry jam.


Returning from the ski slopes or from a summer hike is always more enjoyable accompanied by a sweet pastry break. After dinner you can enjoy a pleasant evening sipping a herbal tea or a fine grappa.


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